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GUARANTEED RESULTS IN DAYS!!  Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum is voted the most effective ingrown hair product by consumers.  No other product offers this RESULTS GUARANTEE* !  Over 30 years in business we stand by our products effectiveness giving you piece of mind.

The Legole 3-in-1  Ingrown Hair Serum  was first developed in 1986 after many years of in-depth research into removing the ingrown hair problem and odour from sensitive areas. Most people develop the problem on the bikini line, under arm, legs, face and body. Ingrown Hair is suffered by 87% of men and women around the world after face or body hair is removed via waxing, shaving, hair removal creams or laser treatments. Many thousands of male and female ingrown hair sufferers have been successfully using Legole 3-in-1 Ingrown Hair Serum  around the world, and testimonials show that they are delighted with the RESULTS they have achieved using Legole after only a few days of use.

Our mission is to develop and market ONLY QUALITY products that PRODUCE ACTIVE RESULTS to the consumer and trade, with a money back guarantee* (conditions apply)

This has been successfully achieved to date, with other superior products being currently tested for the benefit of our consumer. Your comments about our products are always welcome as they provide feedback so we can be of better service to you. Our contact details are:

Mailing Address: Salisbury Ave Mt Victoria NSW 2786 Australia.

Trade Enq: (61) 418218519

Website URLhttps://www.legole.info

Email: legole@iinet.net.au

Emergency Mobile: + 61 418 218 519